AlTi - Alvarium Tiedemann

Mike Tiedemann

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Tiedemann, chief executive officer for Alti Tiedemann Alvarium

Mike was a Founding Partner, CEO and Chairman of the Internal Investment Committee at Tiedemann Advisors, as well as CEO at Tiedemann Investment Group (TIG), before leading the merger that created AlTi. 

Early in his career, Mike lived and worked in Brazil as part of the equity research group at Banco Garantia and, after that firm was acquired by Credit Suisse, ran the equity sales and trading operations for Latin America. 

Mike serves on the board of multiple organizations and has been recognized numerous times for his contributions to charitable causes. He both established and is the Chairman of the Board of RIVER FUND, a nonprofit organization that provides food, education and support services to help families in New York City break the cycle of poverty. 

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