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Founders Forum 2023 | North America - Building the new female ecosystem

By Mike Tiedemann Published December 19, 2023

AlTi Tiedemann Global joined Founders Forum Group at their New York flagship event which brought together the very best of Europe’s tech community with North America’s most influential founders, impact-driven investors and trailblazing thought leaders.

Our CEO Michael Tiedemann hosted a panel with founders Julie Rice and Amy Griffin on ‘Building the New Female Ecosystem’.

About the author
  • Mike Tiedemann, chief executive officer for Alti Tiedemann Alvarium
    Mike Tiedemann

    Mikel Tiedemann is CEO and member of the Board at AlTI. He was a Founding Partner, CEO and Chairman of the Internal Investment Committee at Tiedemann Advisors, as well as CEO at Tiedemann Investment Group (TIG), before leading the merger that created AlTi.

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